Xbox 360 Reviews And Games

The Xbox one has hit the market, but the 360 still endures. The popularity of the gaming console has many loyal players still holding onto it and making the most of its abilities. In fact, games being released keep that in mind and offer compatibility with the console. Whether you're a novice, trying to understand the current gaming scene or a seasoned expert, these are some of Xbox 360's best games that are a must feature in every XBOX 360 owner's library.

State of Decay

This might just be the zombie game everyone was waiting for. While the market is chock full of zombie paraphernalia, State of Decay manages to stand apart from the crowd. This open world survival game in a post apocalyptic scenario is overrun by the undead looking to eat some brains.

Gears of War

Creating a franchise is no small task and Gears of War was centered on the console. There were a lot of expectations from GoW and it managed to deliver. Not only was the story line amazing, it also managed to proved some amazingly created battle sequences along with some great multiplayer capabilities.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is much more than just the stereotypical battle between the good and the bad where the protagonist hacks through a horde of enemies to finish off the big bad wolf. Red dead redemption managed to create a perfect balance between the fights and the storyline. Other games that provide a balance between theme and gameplay are arcade games, particularly those that can be played online. The offers access to arcade game sites where players will find sports, action, adventure, puzzle, and board game arcade titles. These can be played for free too, which means you won't be required to deposit your own money in order to play.

Bio Shock Infinite

This is one of the most important games that an Xbox 360 owner just needs to have. If you have read up on any of the Xbox 360 reviews, then you know just how central it is to the Xbox 360 experience. Moving away a little from its predecessor, it manages to reel you in with its amazing graphics and amazing gameplay just as well.

Batman: Arkham City

While we are biased towards anything that has the bat theme to it, this time it is much more than well deserved. Arkham Asylum had already set the bar quite high and there was very little that Batman: Arkham City could have done to improve upon its perfection. Nonetheless, Arkham City delivered by providing additional navigation skills and a better tactile combat system. What's best about it, however, is the addition of the original animated series voice actors; Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

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