Madden NFL 15 makes it hard to put down your consoles

Madden NFL 15 is considered to be one of best Xbox football games. Part of this is because it upgraded its gameplay, it has a new physics engine and the commentators do animated adlibs throughout the entire game. But the main reason why Madden NFL 15 is so successful is because the creators did a wonderful job at making all the game features work in tune to provide a great gaming experience.

Right from the start of the game, you will already notice how Madden NFL 15 is different from the rest. Compared to other football games, you do not have to go through different tabs of disconnected menus. Instead, the game has a single hub main screen that informs you how many players are currently online and gives you access to online communities with a single click. With Madden NFL 15, your online football career is just at your fingertips. Gone are the pop music and rappers; what replaced them is a solid driving gameplay that clearly says it is time to play football.

This newest version of Madden NFL can be easily addicting. This year, it is even more challenging with the introduction of receiver icons that change according to the player's current moves and position. You are actually pushed to think and be creative so you can gain a yard and score.

EA revised numerous game mechanics in Madden NFL 15. Although at first glance the graphics may appear to be almost the same as last year's version, it is actually an enhanced type. It is exciting to note that 25 additional pass moves are introduced. You can now place the ball in front or above the receiver so nobody can make psychic swats anymore. Even though at first impression it may seem like this new version is just similar to the old one, once you play the game, you will realize it actually is by far the most polished version.

The much talked about Infinity Engine is one of the main reason why this is a better game version. It is most beneficial to small plays, making it appear differently every time. Madden NFL 15 lets out-of-bound tumbles and helicopter hits so you don't have to bump into other players and land in the same spot when you do a corner and a wide out. In previous Madden NFL versions, tackle maneuvers were very limited that's why it could easily be boring after a short while. Because of the Infinity Engine, every hit becomes amplified.

Given that there are still shaky animations, the improvements far outweigh the lapses for Madden NFL 15.