A review of the World War Two Shooting Game Enemy Front

The Xbox game Enemy Front is a shooting game produced by Polish game developers and set during the Second World War. It casts the player in the role of Robert Hawkings, an American journalist who sets out to write a great story about the war but is not averse to picking up a weapon or two in aid of the cause. And this may be where the problem begins. Instead of offering a different perspective, which was entirely possible given the nationality of the game developers, it follows the same route of all the other games before it, and thus does not offer anything new in terms of story line.

Unfortunately, it does not get better on the other aspects. The game may have been developed with very few resources allocated to it, and this constraint shows. The game is plagued by tragic glitches and bugs which will not only bewilder the player, but may actually take away any enjoyment that could possibly be had. How can you immerse yourself in the experience when the sound effects do not come as expected, or when expected? It is also disconcerting to enter what you think is an empty room only to have the furnishing pop up a tad too late. And no, do not think you are in a horror game when wounded bodies suddenly disappear from their stretchers. Your sniper skills will not mean much as weapons can be wildly off the mark, missing what surely should have been kill shots.

Enemy Front is not helped any by features that do not seem to serve any other purpose but to frustrate you some more, as in the case of the game secrets. The levels have hidden Nazi eagle symbols which you, intuitively, would want to locate. However, doing so makes no sense whatsoever because it gives you absolutely nothing - no additional points, no extra lives, no secret passageways. The only logical reaction would be, "What was that all about?"

The game does have some redeeming traits, such as the ability to truly flank your enemies or use items found in the environment against your enemies. However, these only serve to remind you of what could have been.

In conclusion, Enemy Front has found itself outclassed in the battlefield.