The Blood of the Werewolf is now better

When it first came out, Blood of the Werewolf promised a worthy adventure from the title alone which, unfortunately, it did not deliver. We should be grateful, however, for developers who know when they have a good thing in their hands and set out to prove it despite initial setbacks. Less than a year after its launch for the PC market, it is now available as an Xbox game and has managed to redeem itself.

The game is about Selena, a woman who can shift shapes to being an enormous werewolf with lunar power. Her husband was murdered and her son kidnapped, and the saga will take you through the ten stages she must conquer to have a final showdown with her ultimate nemesis, Dr. Frankenstein. As Selena, you can play in her two forms, the woman and the werewolf. She stays a woman while there is a roof over her, and she uses a crossbow to get past her enemies. As expected, her werewolf persona is actually more powerful, using just her fangs to cut her way through. She is also blessed with double jumping skills, extra helpful when confronted with wide chasms. In either form, both her fighting abilities, health and available weapons may be enhanced by collecting power ups and howling at the moon.

This is one challenging game so do not expect to breeze through any of those stages. Supernatural creatures such as skeletons and zombies, and other obstacles like a colony of bats, deadly spikes and jagged saw blades all team together to keep you on your toes and prevent you from moving on to the next round.

Do not get disheartened though, as you have a lot with which to win Blood of the Werewolf. You are not limited by a set life count and you can actually renew your skill and well-being meters at designated checkpoints. You can also collect sigils that help keep you alive in your quest of the renewing checkpoint or the exit of the round. And has been mentioned, special power ups upgrade both your weapons and warrior skills.

And in keeping with its enhanced version, Blood of the Werewolf this time around offers a more exciting and extensive ending, including teasers about Selena's future as well as bonus content.