A review of the slots version of The Walking Dead

Television is one of the most ubiquitous and effective purveyors of pop culture, and a hit TV series could make or break careers and spawn money-making franchises. This is certainly true in the case of The Walking Dead, a blockbuster show that has fanned fears and rumors of a zombie apocalypse. Unsurprisingly, this fame has translated into another form of recreation, gaming.

The Walking Dead: The Game was developed by Telltale Games and initially launched as five episodes over a period of eight months, from April to November 2012. It is available in various systems, including as an xbox game, for the Playstation, computer systems and even smart phones.

You come into the game as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer on the way to prison when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. As Lee, your main objectives are to survive in any way possible, and to protect Clementine, a vulnerable little girl. To play the walking dead and similar slots games go to casinocodes-ca and claim your free casino bonus code now.

The interesting feature of this game is that it plays out according to your choices and actions, much like "Choose your own adventure" books of the past. Thus the game may play out differently not just among players, but even for you, when you make different choices in a scene. Choices to be made include responses to certain situations, and your replies to dialogues with other survivors. Whatever choices you may make and however you choose to respond from the beginning, these are all taken into account in the story flow. Thus, a word said in anger in Episode one or a deed left undone in Episode three will come back to haunt you in Episode five.

Some may get disappointed, though, by the fact that the game conclusion actually remains the same. However, one can always argue that, as with life, what is important is the journey. When you think about, if we took the same view point with life, we would end up not doing or attempting anything of importance because, after all, we all die in the end anyway. But just as we trudge on with life and get the most of it that we can, so too must this attitude of enjoyment and awe of the experience guide us in this gaming experience.

Admittedly, The Walking Dead: The Game has technical glitches the overall adventure is definitely worth your time.