A review of the new video game Titanfall

There are so many gaming consoles currently available in the market and, as expected, thousand of different games for each console. Given the impressive breadth of choices available to a player, it only makes sense that you use your game time wisely and choose only those adventures that will be worth your energy. If you are of this mindset, then this game is for you.

Titanfall is a multi-player action game produced by the same game developers that gave us Call of Duty. It was released as a Windows and Xbox game during the late first quarter of this year. The experience of the developers in their big hit of a game that has become a cult classic is apparent and was successfully translated in this their new venture.

The player comes in as a pilot who is able to summon and command robots called Titans to assist with the team objectives. The title refers to a Titan dropping out from the sky once it is summoned by a pilot. The game is set in the desolate colonies in space, which allows for an eerie yet impressive landscape. The graphics and game play are so stimulating that you would want to constantly zoom in the air with your jet pack, run and climb up walls, and annihilate a squadron of enemy combatants with your smart weapon. You may even be tempted to crush one Titan with another, just to prove that yes, you can!

Each competition in Titanfall allows a limit of 12 players divided into two teams. Having a small number of competitors actually works out well because it allows for an enticing feature - the ability for the player to immediately re-spawn. Keeping it small means that even if a player is immediately allowed to come back after he dies, the competitive edge of either team is not adversely affected. Further, the re-spawning is done smartly so you find yourself getting back up very near to where the action is. This is especially helpful since the matches last only from ten to 15 minutes long, and you would not want to waste any precious time waiting to recover from a fall, or finding your way to the next battle scene.

Definitely, Titanfall is set to become another favorite.