A Review On RBI Baseball

RBI baseball 14 review is an overview of those games that come with very few noble qualities. However, this is just a simple arcade game that tries to attract a wide audience. On the other hand, the game seizes to charm the hearts of players after playing a few games. This is because, even after being updated, the game still feels the same way as it were 19 years ago. The fact that it has a few local and fun multiplier moments does not make it even better.

A retro-style kind of a game that has a vintage look is more appreciated. This is because it gives the impression that the developer took his or her time to bring out what was memorable to what is up-to-date.

Just like other Xbox 360 baseball game play, RBI baseball 14 has not evolved since development. Moreover, it plays a boring music on repeat mode. The announcer is also annoying and makes the game even worse. As such, you will be more than encouraged to turn off the sound.

Besides that, the game has no introductions of the teams or the animations. Instead, it takes you straight to the game and forces you to select a player without showing you their attributes. It is obvious that all pitchers in the game have specific characters. This is because; some pitchers are able to run faster than other pitchers.

There are also no ratings of teams in the game. You need to pay attention to what happened to the previous season if you have to know which teams as well as pitchers are the best. This seems to contradict to what the RBI baseball is doing. In addition to that, the game options are only limited to season mode, post-season mode and exhibition mode.

Unlike other arcade games, it lacks a local multiplayer and a home-run derby. Lack of stat tracking in the season mode also makes the game too dull to play. Furthermore, it is not realistic to hide information in a game that aims to reach a wide audience.

The only advantage of RBI baseball 14 is that the control keys are simplified. This is what makes it easy for anyone to pick up the game and play. Hitting the ball is also easy. It is just a matter of timing and you are good to go. Moreover, the season mode has specific challenges that enable you to unlock throwback uniforms. These challenges include hitting a specific number of home runs.